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We jointly implement innovative data projects.

Besucherstromlenkung - Datenprojekte und Data-Space-Anwendungen

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CO2-Bilanzierung - Datenprojekte und Data-Space-Anwendungen


Multimodale Mobilität - Datenprojekte und Data-Space-Anwendungen


Dein Datenprojekt - Datenprojekte und Data-Space-Anwendungen

Your own
data project

We realize data projects
and data space applications
adjusted to your challenges.

You and we know: data is the most valuable asset in today's digital business world. By using it in a well-targeted way, you can build the critical competitive advantages that will help your business grow and become more efficient. We help you to quickly and easily develop and implement data-driven optimizations through innovative data projects and data space applications.
Whether you are looking for an experienced partner for your data project implementation, a small business seeking data-driven applications for current challenges, or a large enterprise aiming to develop innovative and scalable new business models and services. We are here to help you. With our structured data project lifecycle we help you to tackle your challenges and successfully implement data projects.

From Α to Ω: we guide you
through the data project lifecycle.

The implementation of data projects and data space applications presents a special challenge. The collaboration of different companies, teams and stakeholders requires a high level of coordination and a structured approach to be successful. For this reason, we guide you through a proven process that helps you implement your data projects in an efficient and target-oriented manner: the Data Project Lifecycle.

The data project lifecycle guides you through all phases of the project, from conception and planning to operation and ongoing optimization of data space applications. We understand that every data project is unique and has individual requirements.  We place great emphasis on transparent and effective communication to ensure that all stakeholders work closely together to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Our USP: Cross-
organizational usage of data to
develop scalable applications.

Around the globe, approximately 2.5 trillion bytes of data are generated every day. We are convinced that it makes more sense not only to use one's own data. A more efficient way is to share this data securely with others profitably and/or to retrieve relevant data yourself in a decentralized data pool to be used in data services. This concept is enabled by Data Spaces. Instead of setting up complicated bilateral contracts for each project individually, data sources are decentrally and sovereignly connected once, and thus data projects and data space applications are made automatable and scalable.

Our team, together with a network of strong partners and experts, has many years of experience in the development and implementation of cross-organizational data projects and offers you the full range of consulting and services to implement your application.

Let's talk about
your current challenges.

Are you looking for an experienced partner for solution-oriented project conception, targeted match-making, and efficient project management? Or do you want to realize a data space application in your company? We want to get to know and understand you!

Let us work together to implement solutions to tackle your current challenges.